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Q:Who proved the ABC conjecture?

A:The ABC Conjecture is a number theory problem that was first proposed in the 1980s by Joseph Oesterlé and David Masser. Despite much effort, it remained unresolved for several decades until 2019, when a proof was announced by Shinichi Mochizuki, a mathematician at Kyoto University in Japan.
The proof was first published in a series of four papers in a mathematical journal, but it has not yet been fully reviewed and verified by the mathematical community. It is considered a very complex and technical proof, and it will take some time for other mathematicians to fully check and understand it.
It is considered a significant development in number theory, and if it withstands the scrutiny of the mathematical community, it would solve a long-standing open problem and also have important ramifications in fields such as cryptography and coding theory.

As of my knowledge cutoff, the proof of the ABC Conjecture remains a topic of ongoing research, and it is yet to be fully accepted by the mathematical community. It's considered a major advance, but it will take time and effort for the mathematics community to review the proof and ensure its correctness.